*Note:  A PDF Press Kit can be downloaded here.

logo01a        Seeking Heartwood was a recent recipient of a grant from the Shinnyo-en Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order.  Through their grantmaking and collaborations, they hope to bring forth deeper compassion among humankind, promote greater harmony, and nurture and empower youth towards building more caring communities. 





Seeking Heartwood Seeking Heartwood also received a contribution from BCBS, a non-profit educational organization with a center in Barre, MA that provides a bridge between scholarly understanding and meditative insight.  

I recently did an interview for the local paper in my new home base of Long Beach. Check it out here at the Long Beach Post:



Seeking Heartwood was recently successful campaigning for funds using the online service Kickstarter!.

Secular Buddhist Association *Update:  I recently did another interview with the Secular Buddhist Podcast and gave updates on the status of the film, you can check it out here. To help kick off the campaign, a really great guy, Ted Meissner of the Secular Buddhist Association, arranged to do an interview with me for his Secular Buddhist Podcast (which you can see in iTunes). In his podcast, Ted interviews some of the foremost minds in Buddhist and scientific fields. The podcast does a great service in that it “recognizes that the rich cultural setting of traditional Buddhism is wonderful in its own right, and that there is an opportunity for it to evolve in ways more suited to other cultural contexts as well.” I’ve been listening to this podcast on the road for over a year now, and it was pretty surreal listening to an episode with me in it. I’m very happy with how it went, and since I’m asking for people to contribute to this film, I’d like to provide people with information about me and this project so that they can understand what they are supporting. I go into my background, why I started this film, how I’ve changed over the course of this journey, and how amazing the people of this country and tradition are. Please enjoy! Lastly, below you’ll find some additional highlights from the coverage I was been able to get for Seeking Heartwood during the Kickstarter campaign.