Buddhist Geeks and a Dhamma Hall Dedication

Continuing my weird trend of visiting highly progressive and highly traditional forms of Buddhism, today I bring you photos from the recent 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference (http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/) and photos from a Dhamma Hall Dedication at the Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center in Missouri (http://www.dhammasukha.org/).

I thought I was done traveling after that my last blog post, but as usual, life has had other plans for me. As one of the teachers I’ve interviewed says, “The illusion of choice is an indication of a lack of freedom.” Let that bake your noodle for a little while.

I also threw together a quick video of the conference, nothing fancy, just wanted to give the attendees a little reminder of the experience and wanted to share it here as well.


Buddhist Geeks 2013 Conference Day 1

Buddhist Geeks 2013 Conference Day 2

Buddhist Geeks 2013 Conference Day 3

Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center Dhamma Hall Dedication

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